Riaan Diedericks

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About Riaan

Durban, South Africa

Riaan Diedericks is one of the country's most influential and in-demand drummers. With a style of playing that combines power and finesse, Riaan has played with numerous artists, both in studio and live performance, and in addition has played on various award-nominated recordings.

Riaan was born in Durban in 1979. For as long as he can remember, there was always music around the house. His father played guitar, piano and accordion and loved singing. At school Riaan sang in the school choir and took guitar lessons.

At age 14, he moved to Bloemfontein, where his rhythmic endeavors took flight. He got his first drum kit at age 15, and started playing in the school band.

"For the first time ever in my life, I feel like I have found my voice, and when I speak it is with SONOR"

Riaan Diedericks

After finishing High school he played in various Bloemfontein bands, with varying styles.

He later enrolled with the Free State Musicon’s music program and also played in their big band. This helped him with music theory and reading, and taught him how to work with a conductor. He also started an original band called “Ystervark”. Highlights from this period included big festival gigs such as Oppikoppi, Splashy fen, Rustlers valley and 5fm radio airplay. In this time he also worked with veteran jazz Pianist, Noël Stockton.

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